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KU Organizes the Seventeenth Exhibition of Admission from September 22nd- 25th, 2014


Under the patronage of Minister of Education and Higher Education, Deanship of College of Engineering and Petroleum at KU Organizes the Seventeenth exhibition of admission from September 22nd- 25th, 2014.
On this occasion, Director of Advisory and Guidance Office at College of Engineering and Petroleum, Dr. Saad Al-Abdulljaleel stated that this exhibition is held for the Seventeenth time consecutively to acquaint senior students of government and private high schools with the scientific Colleges at KU, disciplines and academic programs offered by College of Engineering and Petroleum as to determine their desires and orientations before joining the University.
Dr. Al-Abdulljaleel indicated that 26 parties from within the College and KU will participate in the exhibition , while Advisory and Guidance Office at the College will educate public and private schools with the admission mechanism and the importance of taking some courses before enrolling at KU.
Dr. Al-Abdulljaleel added that this year the exhibition will host approximately 40 public and private schools according to a timetable organized in collaboration with the Department of School Activities at the Ministry of Education.


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