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Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh Writes: Thank you Corona

Thank you Corona
For reminding us to count our blessings
After all, we are human
We forget!
We take it all for granted

Thank you Corona
For reminding, us that we need not busy ourselves with devising devious plans to kill each other,
To conquer the world
You did that in a whim!

To devote endless billions of dollars and dear resources to build stacks of weapons and artillery
To parade our prowess, To kill and devastate

Thank you Corona
For reminding us that the shear invisible hand of nature will do that spontaneously and occasionally for us,
As Malthus so told us
To check the population of Mother Earth
Without gunpowder, drones, tanks or dear soldiers
As Malthus so told us

Thank you Corona for teaching us good hygiene,
After all, we are human
We forget!

Thank you corona for reminding us how splendid it was to hug and welcome our friends and loved ones without fear

How we packed our children’s’ lunches and sent them off to school without a second thought about their safety

Thank you Corona for teaching humanity humility

Thank you Corona
For showing us that big is not powerful
You are a celebrity to young and old, the center of our lives as history will hold
We fear you, we fear each other, we fear everything
You have brought the most powerful to their heels

How incredible
Tiny and despicable

Yet unfathomably powerful
Thank you Corona
For the life lessons

Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh – Division Director – Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, 10-3-2020

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