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Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh Writes: Cooperative Competition

Our fields of land could feed and surpass
With technology and biology, the prospects amass

So why the greed, have we not learned from the 2008 crash
When the world tumbled and there was not even cash

Benevolence is virtuous not only for you and thy
But to nations at large especially in the long mile

Investing in growth will yield riches to all
As the Asian Tigers showed a few decades ago

Teaching thy neighbor is really investing in thyself
Because in the end a global family we are that needs all selves

Wasting dear resources on destructive gadgets
Turns out to be our only talent

In the name of protection that has only ourselves maddened
It so turns out that we rarely fathom

Building minds and hands of science
Is our real sanctuary and true defiance

This worthy opportunity cost is our only avail
If we care for our populations to prevail

Cooperative competition is now what I call
A new idea to save it all

For nations only and not for firms
For them, competitive advantage is still a good law.

By Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh, Division Director, KISR

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