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Reem Alibrahim writes: The Effects of Social Media on Young People

In this day and time social media is playing a huge role. It’s used by people of all ages all over the world. It’s the most popular especially among the young. However there are many young people who are actually addicted to social media. This has many serious effects such as poor studying habits, lives away from reality and overall bad health.

Due to social media many students have bad grades at school. These students come to class everyday like zombies but they do not focus in the class they have no desire to. While their teachers are standing tall explaining fractions they are buys who commented or liked their last post. If they are too busy on their phones in the classroom how will they understand the lesson? Moreover, not only at school but also in the car, at the lunch table even in their beds before they sleep.

Young people who are addicted to social media tend to live very far away from reality. Checking your phones being it messages, games, Instagram or facebook makes people miss out on what a beautiful day it is. These people tend to have less physical activity and barely move which in return causes serious health problems down the road. They will post a picture of the beautiful sky but that’s as close to enjoying the outdoors they will get to.

Last but not least too much time on social media platforms can lead to a deterioration of health. If our youth take their phones to bed with them they end up sleeping late which in turn they will have a hard time waking up in the morning and will do poorly at school that day. Another study says that too much time on social media can cause depression. They start to compare themselves to these social media influencers lives and how they live and what they have and start to compare.

In conclusion social media has many benefits and downfalls. It is always good to live a balanced life. Spend as much time enjoying the outdoors, friends, family and activities as you spend on social media.

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