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Reem Al-Qallaf wrote : The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Schooling

The Virtual Classroom is an e-learning concept which enables teachers and students to have a platform where they can meet and conduct a class and perceive education online, respectively, principally over the Internet. Additionally, it allows them both to communicate, interact and, work together with one another remotely from any location, without actually being physically present face-to-face, via webinars, audio and video conferences, web presentations, live streaming, text chats.

Advantages of Virtual Classroom
• Personalized learning: Students can learn at their own time and pace
• Long distance learning
• Encourages collaboration and communication
• Real-time teaching and learning
• Effective and efficient time management
• Gives students and teacher a worldwide exposure
• Accessed to everyone equally from anywhere and at anytime
• Affordable
• Introduces students and teachers to education technology
• Comprehensive online tutorials
• Encourages digital and smart classrooms
• Improves Visualization
Disadvantages of Virtual Classroom
• Zero control over the students or classroom
• Zero control over the learning atmosphere or environment
• Virtual Classroom requires computers and internet access, which might not be attainable to everyone
• Students lack real-time teaching experience
• The risk to the traditional student-teacher collaboration

With the change in the world right now everybody has to do their best to cope and adapt to the current situation. There is always hesitation and panic when something new is introduced , but over time and with practice I think everybody will be able to master online schooling.

By: Reem Al-Qallaf

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