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Heavy Metals Toxicity |Written by: Eng. Fatemah S. Almusawi

In recent studies, it was found that being exposed to heavy metals can be linked to the development of poor health. Exposure to heavy metals can cause them to enter the blood stream, where they accumulate in the cells and organs, as well as in bones where it cannot be completely removed.

There are several different ways in which heavy metals may enter human body, these include drinking contaminated water, eating certain types of farmed fish, getting a silver dental filling, smoking, exposure to high levels of air pollution, use of certain house holed products such as cooking wear, exposure to radiation, and many other ways. Heavy metals are found naturally in earth’s crust with other types of metals and minerals which makes the exposure to heavy metals a part of our daily life. By definition, heavy metals are metals with relatively high specific gravity and molecular weight. Some examples include arsenic, lead mercury, cadmium, copper, iron, magnesium, and more. Many heavy metals can be poisonous to humans even in small doses, while others are only poisonous if taken in excess. However, heavy metals are non-degradable materials which means that when they enter human body they cannot be removed naturally.

Health concerns caused by heavy metal exposure:

• Reduced mental and central nervous function

• Damage to different organs such as kidney, liver, heart…. etc.

• Birth defects and autism spectral disorder (ASD).

• Alzheimer’s disease.

• Parkinson’s disease.

• Cancer.



• Don’t smoke.

• Avoid eating fish which have high mercury levels, such as tuna, swordfish, king mackerel, marlin, and tilefish.

• Drinking clean and filtered water.

• Avoid lead pipes.

• Avoid areas with high levels of air pollution.


Clearing out the heavy metal from the body is a very important procedure. It can help remove accumulated heavy metals from the brain, nervous system, kidneys, liver, heart, and many other affected organs in the body. This process would improve the general health condition of the person.

One way to detoxify the body is through a chemical process called Chelation Therapy. This method requires the administration of chelating agents which will bind to the heavy metal molecules, dissolve them, and get rid of them through body waste.

Unfortunately, this method will not only remove harmful heavy metals from the body, but also other minerals that are essential to our life. Therefore, it is necessary that chelation to be done under medical supervision.

Another method of detoxification is through a Dietary Change which breaks down metals to smaller molecules, making it easier to remove through natural body waste. There are many powerful foods that can help in naturally detoxifying the body from heavy metals. This is most effective while the


are still in the blood stream, and not yet deposited. Some effective foods include:

• Leafy green veggies, like kale, and spinach.

• Broccoli, sprouts etc.

• Cilantro is one of the best detoxifying dietary that reduces the level of mercury and lead


• vitamin C- rich foods

• Garlic and onions (sulfur rich)

• Flax and chia seeds (omega-3 fats rich)

• Stay hydrated by drinking the recommended amount per day.

In conclusion, there is no way to completely avoid heavy metals, as many of them play a role in our daily lives. Therefore, precautions should be taken to eliminate the amount of heavy metal entering our body as well as implementing methods that can help remove unwanted heavy metals.

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