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أ. فرح الطخيم تكتب: Games and Exercises in Training

Games are one of the most special styles in training as they differ from all other methods in that they require a lot of resources. You can create an idea through the game, but it requires some important elements that must be taken into account:

• Do not use games just for fun and to waste time.

To increase credibility, the trainer needs to prepare well in terms of:
• Guidance and instructions required.
• What are the likely problems that might occur?
• How much time is required?

Preparation for new games and exercises should be taken from:
• Direct experience.
• Access.
• Observation during training.
• Clarity of the game frame or exercise.
• Goals of the game or exercise.
• Procedural steps.
• Roles.
• Emphasize that although the game does not represent a real situation, it helps participants focus on real topics.

Give enough time after the game to discuss the results.

Features of games and exercises:

• Discussion helps to create realism and attention by trainees.
• Easy to communicate concept or skill through the game.
• The power of recall and recall.
• Non-boring entertaining training.
• Suitable for handling trends.

Game and exercise settings:

• Consuming a lot of time and developing it may be expensive.
• Less control by the trainer on the process.
• The competition factor may reduce the focus on the training objective.
• Can be treated as toys only.
• Games and complex exercises may lead to confusion, and the simple may be tedious and unhelpful.

Written by: Farah Altukhaim

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