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Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh writes: On Social Distance

It’s been a week, fair and square
I have to say, it’s quite a dare

A challenge it is to live with oneself
In solitary confinement, to know thyself

It’s quite a democratic and egalitarian resolve
When you think of it, this corona has bestowed

It really doesn’t matter how much you have
It all quickly becomes part of a curve

To flatten the curve, they say we must stay alone
For mixing will only cause it to bloom

We don’t want to lose young or old
So we must stay inside and keep our hold

Reminiscent of old times when the plague struck mankind
But back then there was no Whatsapp or Facebook to occupy the mind

Technology has sweetened our exile today
But can never replace intimacy and warmth any day

Of each other we are now terrified
Just so we can appreciate the gift of mankind
That we took for granted for a long time

From these days we should learn
To self reflect and character turn

So after many days when we meet the world
We will see it all from a brand new state

A many pandemics our world has tried
But this one is surely to be one of a kind

For generations it will be told
How we had to stay alone and not touch or hold.

Dr. Faten Al Jabsheh
Division Director

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