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Altaaf Ahmad wrote :Language Barriers during Covid- 19

Language Barriers during Covid- 19
By Altaaf Ahmad
Language barriers are a major obstacle to communication. It is estimated that half of the world’s population speaks more than one language. Language is a significant factor in understanding the cultures and customs of other people. Every person should be able to freely communicate with each other, despite their language, or lack thereof. The internet has played an important role in globalization by making information available online in many languages. During the last two years the world has witnessed an upsurge in online communication about the relevant news regarding the novel virus covid 19. The vast knowledge that was being circulated needed people to understand clearly because misunderstanding created rumors.
Nowadays, social media has taken over traditional forms of news agencies. People rely on circulated WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook , and Instagram messages than read news updates on reliable news casting agencies. This has created a big communication gap between major health companies and the people that are trying to manage the global crisis. Looking closely at Kuwait as an example, one can truly see the communication gap that happened in dealing with Covid- 19.
During a pandemic and a crisis, people need to get fast and reliable information without any language barriers. Knowing enough Arabic or knowing enough English was not supposed to get in the way of such a crisis. Kuwait had to resort to a few people who knew different languages of the different nationalities that live in Kuwait. A video containing a message spoken in Indian , Philippine , and other major languages was broadcasted across social media platforms in the aims of communicating effectively with the majority. However, what if this group of people were not well connected on social media ? Did they actually receive these videos warning them and instructing them what to do ?
In conclusion, being able to communicate clearly without any misunderstanding or use of special platforms, is crucial in special times such as that we have encountered with the recent pandemic. Governments must not reply on social media platforms where news gets distorted causing for a rise in rumors and fear and mistrust. Learning a language such as the English language has proven to connect the world and understand news agencies, international government statements, and worldwide health organizations. There will be no need to resort to translating and using social media platforms which not everyone has access to.

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